Tom Buchanan is Gatsby's antagonist in The Great Gatsby. Add any information that applies, giving specific examples from the story. Use as many paragraphs as necessary to present an accurate picture of Gatsby.

Section 1:
In this section give background information about Tom, describe his physical appearance, and explain who he is in relation to other characters in the story.

Tom is Daisy's husband, and supplies her with anything she could need or want, along with a little teaspoon of heartache. In the beginning of the story we quickly discover that he's a philandering jerk and is currently cheating on his wife with Myrtle, and the whole town knows it. Later in the story, Tom discovers Daisy's affair with Gatsby and he and Gatsby have a bit of a row, but Tom gets Daisy in the end, which is odd since Tom has REPEATEDLY cheated on her. Eventually he is the one who assists Mr. Wilson (Myrtle's clueless husband) in the discovery of the person responsible for Myrtle's death. In the end he doesn't get what's coming to him, and he and Daisy leave New York.

Section 2: In this section, give examples of Tom's character and personality.

He seems to be a static character; he is controlling of Daisy in both the beginning and the end. Ex: at Gatsby's party when Daisy is having herself a grand old time, Tom orders her into the car. And in the end of the story, after their confession of love, Tom orders Gatsby and Daisy to drive home. Tom is also sneaky and resorts to trickery that leads to Gatsby's demise. Tom displays a hint of jealousy when Daisy knows a man (Gatsby) that Tom does not.